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Organic Cotton

Memory Foam Mattress Protector

Mattresses are Expensive, Protect Your Investment!

Organic Cotton Memory Foam Mattress Protector by Snuggle-Pedic®

With Eco-Friendly Greenshield Water Resistance

  • The first mattress protector made for memory foam beds and other types of plush mattresses when you don’t
    want the protector to take away from the mattress comfort!
  • New Greenshield® eco-friendly technology offers a breathable way to add water resistance to the fabric to help
    protect the mattress for years to come!
  • Organic cotton surface is soft and luxurious feeling and 100% Made In The U.S.A
  • Perfect for Memory foam, Pillow-Tops, Latex Mattresses, Foam Mattresses, Airbeds, Gel and other conforming
  • Durable and Machine Washable with Greenshield® finish that is permanent and won’t wash away over the life of
    the protector. Total content of materials: 52% organic cotton, 47% polyester, 1% lycra


Memory Foam and Pillow-Top mattresses can relieve pressure more effectively, but other mattress protectors will take away the
comfort from the lack of conformability and get hot because they protect the bed with a liner that lacks airflow.


The Kool-Flow® Organic Cotton Memory Foam Mattress Protector with Greenshield is the first product to offer water resistance, while providing a conforming stretch comfort without having to use any kind of non-breathable liner.


If you ever wondered why your bed is not as comfortable as it was in the showroom, you can likely attribute it to the fact that your mattress protector doesn’t stretch and tightens up the surface feel of the bed. NOW YOU CAN AVOID THIS PROBLEM! Our Kool-Flow® Greenshield Organic cotton mattress protector has full stretch to allow you to conform with the mattress. However, there are some
protectors on the market that allow a stretch, but use a non-breathable liner to offer water proofing. Water proof protection is a good feature, but not at the expense making your body feel like it is melting when the heat won’t dissipate and your skin cells are screaming for oxygen! Don’t believe these water proof liner protectors’ hype that say they are breathable, since they really do not allow proper airflow (just try to blow air through it to see for yourself). With our eco-friendly GreenShield water resistant finish, our Kool-Flow® micro-vented fabric maintains its breathability. Sure, it is not water proof to 2 meters like a heat generating liner would be, but its
effective water resistance does cause liquid to bead up and prevent spills and stains from penetrating into your mattress.
The surface of the protector is 100% Organic cotton, the backing is 47% polyester and 1% Lycra is used to allow for the stretch fit to
the mattress below.

The Top Rated Pillow With Over 7,000 Verified Amazon Reviews!

Here are just some of the many amazing Amazon Shopper Testimonials:

    • Quality Product!
    • By Mschloe on October 10, 2017

    I finally found a mattress protector that doesn’t slide around on the mattress, repels liquids, is not hot to sleep on, appears to be of very good quality and is actually made in the U.S.A.! I have purchased others that touted the same attributes, only to find out differently and so they have ended up in a box in the closet. This is a superior product. I actually purchased a second one based on my findings with my first purchase. This is not an inexpensive mattress protector, but indeed, worth every penny. Buy it! You won’t be disappointed!


    • Very happy with this purchase
    • By geri maxwell on November 2, 2016

    Very happy with this purchase. Arrived on time and packed with great consideration. I’m extremely thrilled with the quality of this cover…much nicer to see it physically as the photo did not do it justice. Nevertheless very satisfied with this purchase. Thinking of ordering one for my son for Christmas as he has the same memory form bed and this mattress protector is far superior to the one that came with his mattress.


    • I was assured I'd get free shipping for a return if I did not like it. What a great investment - and I ...
    • By K. L. Smith on September 26, 2017

    I was skeptical when I called the company and they told me this would fit a memory foam mattress – which I have – and a pillow top. But I have searched high and low for a mattress protector that would not slide around and come loose I decided to try it. I was assured I’d get free shipping for a return if I did not like it. What a great investment – and I mean investment because it is not cheap. This is the best mattress protector I’ve ever had. The fabric is THICK organic cotton and it really keeps the memory foam mattress cool. Fits like a glove and no sliding around. I like it so much I am ordering for other beds in the house and for my adult childrens’ beds, as well. Go for it – you’ll love it!!

    • Great Quality
    • By Carolyn on March 14, 2017

    Love the quality of this item! Made in the USA, soft at the touch, and not super thick or bulky. Worth the price and i believe it will last a long time. I washed it before i put it on and washing did nothing to it but make it nicer. The stretchy part that goes over the mattress is very nice also cause it goes on with ease and i can tell it’s durable and won’t rip or tare over time. It’s not super thick so if you’re looking for huge padding this is not your cover. I was looking for a nice soft cover that would protect and also would be gentle & durable. Love this! And i’ve had many kinds.


    • By RBJ on March 7, 2017

    Memory Foam Mattress Protector exceeded my expectations by its size and build quality. I was a little worried that the sides wouldn’t fit my queen-sized bed properly, but it does. Also, as a bonus, I feel it will last longer than the bed cover it’s replacing (which served over 17 years). As described, it does add a surface which doesn’t interfere with the mattress beneath. I believe it will compliment any mattress type by conforming to the support characteristics of any mattress. A soft mattress will still be soft; a firm mattress will still be firm. There is a slight new smell that accompanies most new fabrics, which should fade in time. That certainly does not decrease the fine quality and great value of this heirloom quality bed cover.

    If you value your bed, and want something promising to extend that value, then choose Memory Foam Mattress Protector.

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    Snuggle-Pedic® Organic Cotton Mattress Protector

Snuggle-Pedic® Organic Cotton Mattress Protector


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Product Specifications

We use the highest quality U.S.A. made components and manufacture them in our Southern California factory to ensure many years of enjoyment!

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Customer Reviews

  • WOW! Quality Service & Product

    By Starbuddy on October 12, 2017

    Twin Size

    WOW! Have not seen this kind of quality customer service in 40+ years. Even if we were not happy with the mattress (so far very happy with it), the people and service provided was amazing! First, if you call them directly, you get a live person (not a machine) and Megan was extremely friendly and very helpful. She transferred me to a product rep so we could find out more details on the mattress. We were looking fora new mattress for our 100 lb elderly mom who has been bedridden for months. Coil mattresses were causing discomfort especially when sitting on the mattress and foam toppers just made it more difficult to move around, so thought a foam mattress might alleviate those problems. The flexibility to work with the customer to get the right firmness was a sure selling point (definitely don’t see these kind of offers from mattress retailers and gave us some confident this company had confident in their product!). The Product Rep listened to our needs and situation and recommended giving the mattress a try confirming they would work with us on the firmness or any other issues that came up over the 3 months of trial. WOW again. The mattress was delivered on time and carefully packaged with very clear directions on opening and setting it up. WOW again when they included a nice little box cutter type device (so we didn’t have to go hunt ours down or use the dull scissors) to open the plastic on the mattress. It was an easy set up and only took an hour or so for the mattress (it was a twin size) to fluff up and be ready to use. The mattress cover was easy to put on as well. In the meantime, we received several emails asking if everything was ok with the mattress and reiterating to contact Relief-Mart if any problems. Even received a nice offer for a complimentary mattress cover pad. WOW again. Well, has only been a week, and so far the mattress is feeling fabulous and mom is back to sleepful nights and days of comfort sitting on the edge of the bed. After going thru this experience we are considering order a king size mattress to replace ours. This review is from a “real” customer who feels this company deserves the recognition for providing sincere friendly helpful quality service as well as a product that so far appears to meet the same quality product standards. All we can say is WOW and thanks!

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