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Introducing Snuggle-Pedic®

The Mattress That Breathes!®

By Tanner, Verified Amazon Shopper, September 2, 2016

The Problem:

Foam mattresses can relieve pressure more effectively, but often they are too hot because they don't breathe well.

The Solution:

The Snuggle-Pedic® mattress solves this problem by offering our Patented Airflow Transfer System® that gives the needed breathability for your body heat to dissipate. This is accomplished by allowing 100 times more airflow created from thousands of small surface holes connecting to open airflow channels that create full airflow circulation. Our Kool-Flow® Extra Breathable and Soft Micro-Vented Cover allows maximum breathability along with ultra-luxurious comfort.

Learn More About The Only Mattress That Breathes!

Learn More About The Only Mattress That Breathes!

Low Temperature Sensitivity & Ultra-Reactive

Our unique extra buoyant memory foam will be easier to move around on and react to your body in any temperature setting for immediate pressure relief, while still decreasing the motion transfer between partners in only the way memory foam can.

Our Flex Support Technology Gives The PRESSURE RELIEF of a Memory Foam / Gel Mattress While Being EASIER TO MOVE AROUND ON and MORE SUPPORTIVE Like a Traditional Mattress.

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Made In the U.S.A.
We use premium U.S.A. made materials and labor force

Industry Leading Warranty
Free customizations done at our
facility in Southern California

Perfect for side, back and stomach sleepers

The 2-layer structure allows the softer, medium density memory foam surface to provide extra cushion for the shoulders and hips, while the firmer, more buoyant high density based layer provides the spinal support needed for back and stomach sleepers.

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Our Kool-Flow® Extra Breathable Micro-Vented Natural Ivory Bamboo
Cover allows maximum breathability, along with ultra-luxurious comfort.

Backed by the Industry’s Best

The Snuggle-Pedic’s Flex Support layer will adapt to ANY body & offer proper and unprecedented support to the spine for side, stomach, back & pregnant sleepers. Using only top quality, U.S.A. made materials that are CertiPur-US Certified to be made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

world's best 120-day mattress guarantee

Learn More About The Only Mattress That Breathes!

CertiPUR-US Certified, Hypoallergenic & Dust Mite Resistant Rolled & Vacuum Sealed For Eco-Friendly Shipping

We use a combination of Biogreen® and CertiPUR-US® Certified foam tested and shown to be MADE WITHOUT ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million). Our foam and viscose of bamboo covering are inherently hypoallergenic & dust mite resistant.

We strongly believe in supporting local jobs and supporting the U.S. economy, and, just as importantly, we believe in a very high level of quality control. To that point, we are one of the only manufacturers to produce mattresses from start to finish in our local southern California factory using a local labor force and only the highest quality U.S.A. materials. Our top-rated customer service department is also located in our next door corporate office and flagship showroom right here in Agoura Hills, CA, so you never have to worry about getting to the right person should you need any assistance at all throughout the buying process, as well as anytime during the very long 20-year limited warranty. We have been in business over 16 years and look forward to serving you in the upcoming years ahead!

The Mattress Comes Rolled & Vacuum Sealed for Eco-Friendly Shipping.

Unboxing is a piece of cake and more fun than you thought possible
(see our unboxing video below).

The Top Rated Mattress on Amazon over the last year, with a 5-star average rating!

Here are a few of the many amazing Amazon shopper testimonials:

    • Great mattress, great service
    • By J. Swehla on October 25, 2017

    We’ve had this bed for a month now and it has been great. I use a Fitbit to keep track of my sleep and there was a very noticeable difference from my old mattress to this mattress. My quality of sleep is SO much better with this new bed. I also find that my back doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. Customer service has reached out to offer any assistance we need and, so far, we have not had a need to change anything. I do feel like it is a little bit warmer, but they are sending me a better mattress cover to replace my old one from the previous mattress. I’m also using a down comforter, so that’s certainly part of it. Overall, I have no complaints and am very happy that we purchased this mattress and can support a domestic manufacturer.

    • Perfect Amount of Softness and Support
    • By A. Brock on October 13, 2017

    So, first I’ve got to say that I’ve always had a traditional mattress with a pillow top and was very hesitant about spending a lot of money on a foam mattress, but I’m glad I did! I read all the reviews before deciding on the Snuggle-Pedicure Mattress and I’m glad I bought this mattress! I’m a 60 year old woman, weight 130 lbs so I needed a mattress that would not make me feel like I was just laying on top of a hard surface with no give. This mattress has just the right amount of softness and I sleep very cool, which is super important when you’re going through menopause and are having hot flashes through the night! I slept like a rock the very first night, no break in period for me.

    • Snuggle - Great Comfort and Support
    • By vpops on October 13, 2017

    It has now been two months with the bed. Originally purchased for my wife who had some back surgery and I wanted something that would support her back, which it has. Initially we thought it was a bit to firm, later my wife say she was ok with it but I thought it was still a bit firm. I contacted Suuggle staff, a real person, who spoke english answered the phone. She spent time with me going over the options to “soften” it up a bit, explaining what the various additional layers would accomplish. A second layer, about an 1″ or 2″ think arrived with a very nice mattress cover, all at no additional charge, support was outstanding. Part of the reason I purchased through Amazon was shipping and from Snuggle was the offer to adjust the bed if it did not work, takes a lot of the worry away from purchasing on-line where you cant try it out. Excellent product, great support and happy with the purchase, three months later.

    • USA made, not a Tempur-Pedic!
    • By Amazon Customer on January 28, 2017

    First off, I spent hours reading reviews on many different mattresses. Hours. Snugglepedic was the only one that had all but 1 five star reviews and the one that didn’t have 5 was 4 and customer service responded to their review quickly to make them happy. We had ordered the bed before we had bought our house. It sat in the box for over a month! I was emailing customer service worried about the trial period. Our previous bed was a Tempur-Pedic and after the trial period we hated it! With my experience with customer service alone it is a great purchase. Anyway we put the bed up on Thanksgiving day and we love it still! They said if there is anything they can do to make anything better to just let them know and they will try to fix it. Whenever. Oh also it’s made in the USA!!

    • Amazing mattress - we love it!
    • By B. Liu on November 21, 2016

    We LOVE this mattress! My husband and I decided to try one out for our own bed, and we loved it so much we decided to replace all the mattresses in our house with this. It offers great support, so even our parents tell us how amazing it feels when they come stay with us. It’s such a great value too – so much higher quality than the Tempur Pedic that we had in the past. You can just feel the difference in quality of materials and also in how it’s constructed. We even went and got their pillows! We recommended it to our family and friends and would definitely recommend it to anyone else who’s considering getting a new mattress. SO comfortable!

Snuggle-Pedic is also the highest rated Pillow on ConsumerSearch.com, HonestMattressReviews.com and SleepLikeTheDead.com
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    Top Rated Memory Foam Pillow


    Snuggle-Pedic Mattress

    The mattress that breathes!

Snuggle-Pedic Mattress


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Product Specifications

We use the highest quality U.S.A. made components and manufacture them in our Southern California factory to ensure many years of enjoyment!

Product Measurements

All of our Snuggle-Pedic mattresses are made to the following sizes:

  • Twin: 38 inch (width) x 75 inch (length) x 10 inch (height)
  • Twin XL: 38 inch (width) x 80 inch (length) x 10 inch (height)*
  • Full: 53 inch (width) x 75 inch (length) x 10 inch (height)
  • Queen: 60 inch (width) x 80 inch (length) x 10 inch (height)
  • Short Queen: 60 inch (width) x 75 inch (length) x 10 inch (height)
  • Twin: 38 inch (width) x 75 inch (length) x 10 inch (height)
  • King: 76 inch (width) x 80 inch (length) x 10 inch (height)
  • California King: 72 inch (width) x 84 inch (length) x 10 inch (height)*Each Twin XL is a half of a split King

Product Components

Our Comfort and Support Layers The two-layer structure allows the softer Snuggle-Flex memory foam to give pressure relieving and conforming cushion for the shoulders and hips, while the firmer channeled base layer provides the spinal support needed for back and stomach sleepers. Even if you are on the heavier side, you won't have to worry about hammocking in our mattress, since it provides optimal orthopedic support for your spine. This universal comfort is allows the mattress to fit all sleeping positions and even means that it is fairly rare that a customer will need to us to customize their mattress to their personal preference, even though we are always happy to do so! KOOL-FLOW LUXURIOUS ZIPPER REMOVABLE VISCOSE OF BAMBOO COVER Our Kool-Flow Extra Breathable and soft Micro-Vented Natural Ivory Bamboo Cover allows maximum breathability, along with ultra-luxurious comfort for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Our modular cover is designed to allow you easy access in case we need to exchange any of the layers within the mattress to alter the comfort and/or support of the mattress to suit your needs.

Product Safety Information

WE SUPPORT LOCAL JOBS AND ONLY USE ALL USA, NON-TOXIC COMPONENTS! We only use the highest quality and very low V.O.C., U.S.A. foam will keep the proper support throughout the years. Everything from the fabric, cover, and fire resistant chemical free socking are all made domestically and we use our very own all local labor force to manufacture each product. For complete transparency, we were even had our full supply chain audited in 2012 to verify that we only use U.S.A. made components in our mattresses. All of our foam has been tested and shown to be MADE WITHOUT ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, without phthalates and be Low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

Customer Reviews

  • Customer service and product is top notch!

    By DJ Lawnchair on October 18, 2017 Verified Purchased


    We purchased the Snuggle-pedic King mattress about 2 months ago to replace a 5 year old Sleep EZ latex mattress that developed a recent soft depression on my wife’s side which has caused her constant lower back pain. The Snuggle-pedic felt very firm at first. I got in contact with Relief Mart to inquire about any possible adjustments. Stephanie from Relief Mart assures me that the mattress should soften a bit over time. She also offered the Kool Flow mattress protector which is supposed to protect the mattress from minor spills and also help the mattress sleep a little cooler and softer.

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Helpful FAQs

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